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Name:Will Graham
Graham knew too well that he contained all the elements to make murder; perhaps mercy too.

He understood murder uncomfortably well, though.

- Thomas Harris, Red Dragon

Until recently, Will Graham was a special-as-in-not-a-real agent with the FBI, who most often acted as a consultant in profiling serial killers. He has an ability/way of thinking that is referred to as "pure empathy," and allows him to reconstruct the thinking of others by experiencing it himself. After being forced to kill a suspect during an investigation, he was assigned an unofficial psychiatrist to track his well-being.

Very unfortunately for him, this psychiatrist was Hannibal Lecter.

Graham is in his late thirties, and is of average height, with light skin, brown hair (and a persistently scruffy appearance), and green eyes. He often wears glasses, not because he needs them, but to avoid eye contact.

Will Graham is currently from Hannibal 3x07 "Digestivo." Please also see this post, and in particular trigger warnings concerning his canon, as well as a description/explanation of his way of thinking. If you need to contact me, feel free to ping me, send me a message, or use this post. Thanks!

Will Graham is from the television series Hannibal and the novel Red Dragon, and is property of NBC Universal and Thomas Harris. This journal is solely for the purpose of roleplaying in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no money whatsoever is being made.
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